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Our Mission

Opening doors to homes, opportunities and hope.

Behind every Wallick community is a name, like Earl, Shelly, Jeff and Jonnelle. To us, they are more than residents, they are family and we choose to invest in them.

Our Values


Genuine Care

It costs nothing to show compassion. It costs everything if you don’t. For us, there’s nothing more important than enriching the lives of others.

Genuine Character

Trusting us is your call. Proving worthy of it is ours. We’re dedicated to making your experience with us something others want to live up to.

Genuine Collaboration

Alone we can do some things. Together we can do anything. The greatest impact we can have comes from working well with others.

Our Dedication


We believe

everyone deserves not only a roof over their heads, but a place they are proud to call home.

We strive

to do business with integrity, excellence and a joy in helping others.

We are committed

to our associates, to our partners and most importantly to our primary customer, our residents.